The A-LINE-IT Woodworkking Machine Alignment System

Woodworking is a hobby (or profession) that can be one of the most enjoyable (and also one of the most dangerous) activities that we do. Unfortunately, many people are operating machines without knowing the condition they are in, increasing the possibility of injury. When we decided to design a product that would benefit anyone with a woodworking shop, we definitely had your best interest in mind. Whether you only own a table saw or have a shop full of equipment, the A-LINE-IT is GUARANTEED to make it easier for you to diagnose problems and do machine alignment faster and easier than any other product in the US. Designed by a woodworker, for other woodworkers, the A-LINE-IT is the only product on the market that out-of-the-box, will check almost every machine in your shop, and do it right the first time!


For in-depth information on the A-LINE-IT, check out our on-line manual below:

Table Saw Arbor & Bearing Runout

Arbor & Saw blade Runout

Table Saw Alignment

Rip Fence Alignment & Straightness

Jointer knife Position

Jointer Depth of Cut

Drill Press Squaring

Drill Chuck Runout

Planer Alignment

Planer Calibration


And other make-sense tests that allow you to know the absolute condition of almost any machine in your shop. With our UNCONDITIONAL 90 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, you canít go wrong!

US Patent # 5,735,054 Other patents pending

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